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Our technical department has access to all original spares and accessories for a broad range of machines such as Expobar, SanRemo, Gaggia, La SanMarco, La Cimbali, Rancilio, Brasilia as well as other well-known manufacturers. With an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturer contacts we keep up to date with the latest developments in the world of commercial coffee equipment.


Our installation service covers everything you need to get from a boxed espresso machine to a full operating espresso system.

Provided that there are basic services i.e.:
- Suitable dedicated power supply within 1 meter of the machine
- 3/8 connector with stop tap within 2 meters of machine

We will:
Cut any holes needed in provided surface

- Install water softener/CTU if required
- Install machine and connect machine to services (power, water, etc)
- Install and commission coffee grinder
- Prepare machine for use, program and set-up
- Provide full staff training on use of machine, preparation of drinks and machine cleaning


We have an emergency break down service. If you have a problem with your machine which renders the equipment un-usable we will make your call a priority. Our engineers carry a wide range of spares for all espresso machines. If we don't have the parts to repair the machine we will provide a free loan machine until we have the part.

For emergency breakdown service call +34 952 038 254 or +34 657 161 846 (out of hours)


Routine servicing is an essential part of keeping you espresso machine in operation. Having your machine serviced yearly drastically reduces the chance of breakdown. As part of our service schedule we record the intervals of servicing and will contact you and remind you when your machines service is due.

The service includes:-

Replacing anti vacuum valve O-ring

Cleaning scale and tarnish from level probe

Replace steamer/water font valve pads

Clean and grease steamer/water font valves

Clean groups and replace group gaskets

Check machine is running at correct pump pressure

Check water temperature and flow

Any other remedial work necessary


Lime Scale/Calcium build-up is the number one cause of machine failure!

All water contains varying amounts of calcium. As the inside of your machine heats and cools this calcium leaves deposits. Espresso coffee machines are complex systems of narrow hydraulic pipes and electro mechanical devices all of which will be affected by calcium (lime scale) build up.

Lime scale damage will reduce the working life of your machine and cause unwanted breakdowns.

To protect your machine, for just 100€ per year we provide a water softener service, which will prolong the life of your machine and prevent breakdowns.